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Platform technologies for PDF creation, markup and editing. We understand what you need to get your job done – an easy-to-use PDF application that makes it simple to create, markup, edit, view and collaborate PDFs in the cloud. Available in 5 different editions; Standard, CAD and eXtreme, Mac and Ipad.


What makes Bluebeam different from other PDF software? People who try Bluebeam, buy Bluebeam. Experience the Bluebeam difference.

What’s new in Bluebeam Revu 2016?

The latest and greatest version of Bluebeam Revu is here! See the new features and enhancements included in Revu 2016. Learn how Revu 2016 can help you push the limits of PDF navigation and reporting, and discover the new tools that will help increase efficiency, save time and help you go paperless. This new release shows that there are no limits to what you can achieve with the power of Revu. Click on the video below to see the recorded webinar.

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Bluebeam Mac 1.0 Released


Bluebeam Revu Mac delivers the award-winning PDF editing, markup and collaboration capabilities from our Windows application to Mac. Add comments to your documents with customizable annotation and measurement tools and organize high-quality, smart PDFs using Revu’s editing features. Or connect project partners to collaborate on the same documents in real time with Revu’s integrated cloud-based solution, Bluebeam Studio™. What will you achieve with Revu Mac?

Do What You Do Without Compromise

Meet the latest version of Bluebeam Revu. Revu 2016 delivers new tools and enhancements to help you push the boundaries of PDF navigation and reporting.

Legends-RGB Legends allow anyone to have an immediate visual understanding of the annotations on a PDF. Create Legends to show symbols with a basic description, or include additional information from the Markups List such as takeoff quantities, annotations status and more. Watch your Legend automatically update as annotations are added or modified. Watch: Legends for Takeoff    Watch: Legends for Punch
BatchSheetSummary-RGB Take your Markups List to the next level with batch functionality. Export comprehensive annotation reports from multiple documents into a PDF, XML or CSV summary. Specify the information to include by using powerful sort and filter tools, create a personalised Summary Template, and then save your settings to produce customised annonation reports at any time.Watch
Tags-RGB First, we built Sets to help you manage an unlimited number of various-source PDFs as a single document in a single tab. Now, we’ve introduced Tags to help you better organise and sort files within a Set according to sheet number, name, type and more. With Tags added to your sheets, you can even generate a complete drawing log from your Set.Watch: Tags  Watch: Drawing Log

And if that isn’t enough, check out all of the new features in Revu 2016, including:

  • AutoMark Enhancements
  • Revit Plugin Enhancements
  • OCR+ Enhancements
  • New Hyperlink Appearances
  • Export Bookmarks
  • Alignment
  • Side-by-Side Installation
  • Batch Slip Sheet and Compare & Overlay Pages Improvements
  • Document Tab Preview
  • Dynamic XFA Handling Improvements
  • UI Improvements

Bluebeam PDF Revu

Powerful PDF creation, markup, editing and collaboration for a paperless workflow.
Bluebeam Revu takes what was once impossible and makes it possible. Combining an intuitive PDF editor, viewer and markup tool with reliable file creation technology, Revu goes beyond PDF and takes paperless workflows to a whole new level. The flexible interface provides the necessary tools for accessing and managing the documents that you need, when you need them. Simply put, it will change your life as you know it. Purchase online via

Bluebeam Q

Q is the ultimate solution for creating high quality PDFs in a centrally managed environment by automating the production of PDFs from original source files. Bluebeam Q is installed on a server and powers PDF processing and publishing through 4 different options: Network PDF Printer, Watched Folders, Script Engine and API (Application Programming Interface).

Studio Server

Looking for more control? Meet Studio Server™. Studio Server makes it easier and faster than ever for firms to collaborate and share information in a controlled environment. Since the introduction of Bluebeam Studio in Bluebeam Revu users have been able to connect, create and collaborate with anyone, anywhere at any time over a Bluebeam hosted server. Now, with Studio Server you can host all of your online collaboration sessions on your own local server. The difference? With Studio Server security and performance are within your control. IT administrators now have the ability to easily control and monitor all session activity, and set user and file permissions – all behind their own firewalls.


File Exchange is a protocol that enables Bluebeam Revu to open PDF files from a remote location, such as a website, allows for adding markups, then posts the markups back into the remote location.

Bluebeam Vu

Bluebeam Vu is a free professional PDF viewer designed for you. Vu does more than just read PDFs. With integration into document management systems and innovative File Access™ technology for organising PDF files, Vu allows you to access and navigate PDF files with ease. View your PDF files as they were meant to be viewed – markups, comments, annotations display clearly and accurately so nothing is missed. Vu also allows you to fill out and save PDF forms, digitally sign your PDF documents, and connect to Bluebeam’s cloud solution, Studio to access and markup files stored in projects and sessions.

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