BlueCielo Meridian software connects maintenance and engineering, supports concurrent engineering and improves data handover.

What Does Our Software Do?

Design Integrity

Free your engineers to focus on design.
Easily manage references, revisions and title blocks using a controlled platform
that includes workflows and approvals and improves CAD interoperability.

Proof of Control

Save time and resources on every audit.
Easily access the right information any time, any place to prove that you are in control, comply with regulations and protect your license to operate.


Simplify complex project management.
Provide globally dispersed teams with accurate information, manage concurrent change and track project progress, all from a single point of truth.

Knowledge Centralization

Say goodbye to information silos.
Unite your organization’s expertise, retain knowledge during transition and protect your valuable data in a secure, safe environment.


Growing Organizational Needs

As market complexity has evolved, so too have the systems that support engineering information management. Paper-based archives are increasingly being replaced with global digital warehouses. Manual processes such as project management, approval cycles and performance monitoring can now be automated, saving time and resources and simplifying the audit process.

In order to achieve operational excellence, a company’s systems must match their business process needs. However, information management solutions have different purposes and do not always match the needs of the organization. Not every company or site requires state-of-the-art functionality if this will not be useful.  What is needed is a system that can support current practices and enable future growth.

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