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We are happy to introduce ourselves as one of the emerging Plant Engineering organization, offering services to various process industries like, Oil & Gas, Power Plant, etc

Products & Services

TPP Technologies is focused on providing Engineering Services to Automotive, Aerospace, Material Handling, Consumer Goods & Tooling industries


We are offering training programs for all major industries like, Oil & Gas, Power Plant, Automotive, Aerospace, Project Management, Electronics & Information Technologies.

BIM Solutions

We provide hardware, Software, System Integration, Network Infrastructure, Cloud or premise to ensure the systems of customers can run smoothly and sucessfully

About Us

   Our aim is to be a leader in project management, engineering consultancy and training for the energy industry in Asia.
    Headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, we have established strong international linkages with key markets through a network of overseas partners, strategic alliances and representative offices in Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Myanmar and Japan . Our services include project management consultancy, design and engineering services, CAE Modeling and Meshing Services, systems integration and software training.
   You can count on TPP Technologies for the most reliable and comprehensive range of software that address the diverse business needs of different industries. We also ensure highly responsive and consistent service to meet clients changing needs.
   We have garnered a strong portfolio of both private sector and public sector clients in the major industries. These range from engineering, construction, power, energy and process, marine and automotive.
   With the increasing market in the project management and engineering field, we will continue to do so as more customers continue to demand for management solutions to boost their competitive edge.

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Plant Engineering Services

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Process Design

Process Design Engineering division offers wide range of design services starting from Process conceptual studies, Simulations studies to develop Mass & heat balance, to established Process Data Bank ,to develop Process Flow Diagram.
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Piping Design

Tpptechnologies Piping Design engineering group has good experience & expertise in Piping Detail Engineering & Pipe Stress Analysis. The piping group provides services in Piping Design Engineering, Layout Engineers, Pipe Stress Analysis.
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Structural Design

The Structural Engineering team possesses the vast experience in structural design engineering. The team has good experience starting from conceptual studies to Detailed Engineering along with structural Stress Analysis.
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Instrumentation Design

Tpptechnologies Instrumentation Department focuses on providing complete engineering solutions right from selection of field instruments up to final commissioning for the optimum function of the plant with minimum manpower


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