A flexible, Web-based platform for automating processes, monitoring performance and improved planning. Extend the value of facilities information by deploying data, floor plans, reports and documents to management, internal customers, and workplace partners.

The FM:Interact® Workplace Management Suite is an integrated suite of powerful Web-based workplace management products that let you share information and manage processes that impact the entire organisation.



All implementations of our The FM:Interact Workplace Management Suite include our Space and Asset Management core modules.

Space ManagementSpace Management

Designed to give facility professionals, departmental liaisons and executive management complete visibility into space and occupancy, the Space Management Module keeps your real-time information in one centralised location, no matter how large your portfolio.

Asset ManagementAsset Management

The FM:Interact Asset Management Module enables you to track multiple classes of assets – office equipment, furniture, lab equipment, or even corporate artwork. You can link assets to CAD symbols on floor plans for easy location, ownership, and access to product information, greatly improving efficiencies in maintenance and personnel move processes.



Additional modules can be purchased separately which can extend the capabilities of our FM:Interact Suite.


Space ReservationSpace Reservation

The FM:Interact Hoteling capability enables organizations to provide a method for allowing employees to reserve work space on an as-needed rather than a constantly reserved basis. Hoteling is the first functionality released from the Space Reservation module.


FM:Mobile enables access to FM:Interact data from an Apple® iPad® or iPhone®. You can create, lookup, edit and close work orders, view floor plan drawings and run reports—all while in the field. This gives you greater flexibility in how and where you manage your facilities portfolio.

Strategic PlanningStrategic Planning

The Strategic Planning Module lets you create multiple “what if” scenarios and get a visual depiction of what your space and occupancy might look like years into the future. Not only does it take the pain out of planning, but it helps you align your space portfolio with the business requirements of your organisation.

Facility MaintenanceFacility Maintenance

Empowering users to electronically submit service requests and then check their status via the intranet eliminates the need for you to return countless phone calls. Once in the system, work orders are forwarded to the appropriate facilities staff for approval, assigned to technicians or vendors, and closed out automatically – giving you the day back to focus on more strategic efforts for the organisation.

Move ManagementMove Management

What if you could move twice the number of people in half the time – and spend half as much? You can make it happen with the FM:Interact Move Management Module. Whether you’re moving just one person, co-locating a cross-functional group or re-organising an entire location, you can rely on the Move Management Module to reduce move costs and deliver better service.

Project ManagementProject Management

Stay on time and budget with all your facilities projects with the FM:Interact Project Management Module. Now project managers, internal customers and other team members can have complete visibility into the status, budgets and schedules of any number of jobs across multiple locations.

Real Estate and Portfolio ManagementReal Estate and Portfolio Management

While your real estate portfolio might be spread across the country or across the globe, now you can pull it together into just one place – FM:Interact. The FM:Interact Real Estate Portfolio Management Module lets you easily view all your properties, square footage and other building information, giving you and your team the bird’s eye view that can help you make better management decisions and reduce costs.


The FM:Interact Sustainability Module helps you bring environmental and financial impacts into balance. From a standard Web browser you can manage critical information on energy performance or water usage, and sustainability projects like energy retrofits. Advanced Spatial technologies delivers fully web, open systems that can be configured and/or tailored to exact client requirements. ASt assists with developing of requirements, documentation and development of the solution configuration to meet your exact business requirements. Enquire with ASt for a no cost presentation or Click here to learn more about this FM System

Advanced Spatial technologies delivers fully web, open systems that can be configured and/or tailored to exact client requirements. ASt assists with developing of requirements, documentation and development of the solution configuration to meet your exact business requirements. Contact ASt for a no cost demonstration or Click here to learn more about FM:Systems Software


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