Jupiter and TSV Pre/Post

Jupiter and TSV Pre and Post processing solutions

TSV and Jupiter developed by our partner Technostar Co Ltd, offer the most comprehensive pre and post processing solutions enveloping all major industry sectors such as Automotive, Aerospace, Shipbuilding, Mechanical, Medical and electronic equipment manufacturers. Customers such as  Ford, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Denso and many others have realized tremendous productivity gains using  TSV. The Jupiter product is the latest offering featuring ease of use but with the full range of functionality of the proven TSV pre and post processor


Jupiter Interface

The Jupiter interface has been designed by Engineers with several decades of industry modeling experience and valuable inputs from our customers. It has all the features of a modern interface – Navigation tree with ability to hide, edit, and delete entities, a Window showing editable attributes of picked entities on the tree, and an output window with tabs for displaying a command log and an editable macro.


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Jupiter Preprocessor

  • Support for commonly used CAD formats
  • Highly automated geometry cleanup functions
  • CAD errors are cleaned automatically during meshing operation



Manipulation of geometry without going back to CAD

  • Deletion and merge of tiny features
  • Filling or drilling holes
  • Feature Recognition (Face, Fillet, Circle, Cylinder…)
  • Boolean operations
  • Adding features (holes, fillets, ribs, frames, )
  • Cutting and partitioning bodies
  • …….+ host of other powerful functions


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Extremely fast mesher (1D, 2D and 3D)

  • Feature recognition for mesh control (fillets, radii)
  • Deletion of tiny features during meshing to avoid unnecessary small elements
  • Stitching and auto resolution of mesh overlaps
  • ISO Mapped Meshing
  • Local Re-meshing
  • CAD Projection
  • Layer Meshing
  • Mesh Grading
  • Adaptive Meshing
  • Freeze Meshing
  • Template based meshing
  • NVH Meshing
  • User control on mesh settings



Extremely fast Assembly Modeling



Jupiter Post Processor

The post processor has the same look and feel as the pre-processor and handles large results databases for display. The features most by engineers using this post processor is the ease with which different formats (bar charts, pie charts, graphs, animations, etc) can be extracted and embedded in MS Word, Excel or Powerpoint for generating automated reports.

  • Intuitive Graphing functions
  • Results comparison in multiple windows
  • Auto Focus+ tight integration with MS Office products for reports and presentations
  • High Speed Display
  • 3D Mouse(Section Display)
  • Synchronized Display
  • Animation….+ more

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