“CostX Implementation in Quantity Take-off and Estimate” (30.07.2016)


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Talkshows session 5: “Application Volume CostX in Peel and Development estimates.” also received a lot of your guests. Some pictures at 2nd Floor, Trade Center Icon68, Bitexco Building took place on 30 -07.
Sincere thanks to your guests for attending and sharing so many valuable things in the talkshows today. Our special thanks to the speakers to share with people and many precious things:
1. He Clarence Mak, Product Specialist, Exactal
2. Mr. Nguyen Van Thuong, QS Engineer
Would like to thank the sponsors for the talkshows investment today successfully took place.
While going on talkshows if there are several things you Profile mercy expect guests can bypass as well as suggestions for the upcoming meeting place talkshows and better success.
The issue should be discussed more or have questions related to this topic as well as the need to support anything more can contact us for inquiries

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