8 August, 2016

Instrumentation Engineering

Magnus Instrumentation Department focuses on providing complete engineering solutions right from selection of field instruments up to final commissioning for the optimum function of the plant with minimum manpower and to suggest the relevant automation system to increase the production with minimum cost & higher safety.

Instrumentation Design Services

  • Sizing & selection of Instruments
  • Hook-up / Instrumentation installation & Drawings.
  • Instrument List & Cable Schedule
  • Cable Tray Routing
  • Data sheets of all Instruments
  • MTO / BOM


Field Instrumentation Services

  • Start up & Commissioning of PLC
  • Commissioning of Field Instruments.
  • Erection of Tray & Cable.
  • Erection of Instruments & Panel.
  • Fabrication of Supports & Stanchions.
  • MTO / BOM

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