16 August, 2016


Oracle’s Primavera focused on supporting projects and organizations, managing the entire lifecycle of their investment portfolio, depending on the extent of the project. There has been estimated that the project has a total investment of over $ 6 billion that has been managed by the Primavera. The company turned to the management solution Primavera portfolio to help them make plans for portfolio managers better assess the risks and opportunities associated with the project, and decide whether to need the resources with skills appropriate to complete the assigned tasks within the time limit allowed or not.

Primavera offer optimal solutions focused on the mission critical PPM posed to follow the requirements of key industries including engineering and construction, the public sector, aerospace and defense, infrastructure, oil and gas, manufacturing and high-technology, information technology and services.

The product manager of Primavera Project Professional, along with those relating to Oracle’s project finance, resources, supply chain management, product lifecycle management, and base software infrastructure is expected to provide the project management solution’s first enterprise and comprehensively. These solutions are expected to help companies optimize resources and the supply chain, reduce costs, manage change, in accordance with the delivery date, and ultimately help make decisions more precisely, all of which are used by the online database.

Primavera P6 Analytics

Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics is a package of commercial information solutions, which provide valuable insights into the program Primavera – managed portfolio of corporate projects (P6) to make the list investment projects, so that you can discover trends, discover the root cause of the problem, predictable costs, helping you run effective projects by making key decisions more specifically about your project.



Use efficiency in the past to predict the future by the analysis of trends over time report
Business Intelligence’s ability Analysics P6 provides a clear understanding of the effectiveness of projects and programs for the organization. Draw attention to the problem component included performance-based exception reporting and filters format
The Earned Value Matrix study comparing actual work has been completed and plans over time to determine if the cost-effectiveness and progress is being controlled
Ability to allocate resources over time and reports used to quickly identify resources are planned reasonable or excessive, the site provides clear “bottlenecks” and employee overtime

Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Planning and execution of appropriate projects – easily and effectively

Management portfolio Primavera P6 Enterprise Project of Oracle is a most effective solution, most powerful, most user-friendly in the world prioritize, plan, manage and administer projects, programs and portfolios. Management portfolio Primavera P6 Enterprise Project is an integrated solution for managing the project portfolio consists of functional PPM special role to satisfy the needs, responsibilities and skills of each member of the project team.

It provides a single solution for managing projects of all sizes to meet the complexity of the project and the balance of a smart way to achieve the diverse needs of roles, different functions , or the energy level in the organization or in your project team.


View project information for each different role, the opportunity to host the center table capable configuration. Center panel displays real-time KPIs to provide early warning of problems or incidents.
Decide if a collective project to do with the current resource group. Cancellation of projects, project or move sooner or later to ensure the availability of resources for the implementation of the project file.
Team Member Web Interface help improve communication between team members and project managers by enabling them to easily and quickly send updates of project tasks. These updates are then sorted for approval to ensure the integrity report progress reports.
Resource interface – Focus resources help ensure accurate job is working properly and on time

Projects and programs to achieve success, you have to pick the right projects to the value of the biggest business. You also have to plan, manage and control your projects efficiently – Both large and small projects:

  • Planning, scheduling and control of large size programs and individual projects
  • Choosing the right tactical training projects
  • Ability to balance resources
  • Assign the best resources and track progress
  • Monitoring and visualization of the project effectively than planned
  • Facilitate team collaboration
  • Integration with financial management systems and managing people

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